I originally got the idea for this comic around 1992. I'd been an avid meathead for many years, and though that there was a lot of potential humor in this environment. On and off for the first couple of years I did some character and prop development, with a few sketchbooks worth of material. In 1998 I made two big decisions... one to go digital, and two, to change the characters from humans to rats. The existing strips were scanned, and the character library creation began. After 1999 things went on the back burner. During the following years I travelled to more gyms around the US (as well as other countries), was active in the fitness and bodybuilding scene, and even co-owned a gym for five years. Last year the project was resurrected and I made a lot of progress converting the scans to final artwork. This year I finally completed the first batch of comics, and am happy to be sharing the work with my friends. I hope you enjoy reading them!